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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Keshco - New EP released 

Keshco's latest EP, 'The Power of Hot Air', was released as a free download on the 23rd of December by the excellent Swedish internet label 23 Seconds.

22 Great Minutes of all things Keshco.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trolley Crash countdown 

Quick, quick, quick...the Trolley crash EP stands at 997 downloads on

Be the 1000 downloader and win a big big prize

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Keshco updater - 17 tracks of pure groove 


New Keshco sounds/sights on the net and on CD include:

All new vombat radio session from the 01/08/2009 - listen out for the first live attempt at some new songs and a special guest appearance from a famous mop top. Visit the vombat radio or sites to hear.

There are also some relatively new keshco adverts on youtube. One promoting our last London gig, but even more brilliantly our new album....Deforestation of Dak.

The album can be heard on the site. Even better though, you can buy a real life copy for £5 which includes special limited edition artwork and added gifts. Woo hoo. Contact us via the myspace or website if you are interested.

We are now up to 953 downloads for the Trolley Crash EP (WM recordings) and I thinks it's time for the special countdown to begin. Here's hoping we reach the 1000 before Christmas.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Vombat victory 

So did you hear us?

Sorry to everyone who tuned in at 5pm instead of 4. I was clearly referring to the European start time.

We had a great couple of hours though. For a second it was touch and go whether we'd manage to get on air at all, but Andy worked marvels finally getting us connected and after some last second sellotape skills we eventually secured a stereo connection! It was high pressure stuff. Sadly we had no time to set up the video cameras, but hopefully you'll be able to paint a picture yourselves.

Feel free to download the podcast via and enjoy 80 odd minutes of Keshco madness. We've been asked to give a short interview about the band so expect a new post pretty soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gig online: Keshco in London 

Keshco will be playing an online gig this Saturday (15th November) via the brill sounding Vombat Radio:

Expect some unique renditions of all your favourite Keshco/Bleak House numbers. Hopefully there'll some video footage to follow on youtube too.

Will Andy giggle his way through Climate Dance again? Will Robert take Halloween to new club singing levels? Will Luke remember to capo Middle Room 3 this time? All these questions will be answered at 5pm Saturday. If you miss it on the day, fear not, for the recording will be in the online archive foreevverrrr.

Friday, October 31, 2008

New Keshco Video Online 

Hello hello!

After some epic editing Keshco's music video for 'Scraping and Bowing' has made it onto youtube.

Rumours that it was directed by John Landis have been strenuously denied...although never seriously discounted.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trolley Crash night review 

Keshco's first promotion night has been reviewed! Sadly they didn't stay to actually see us play as Keshco, but Bleak House received a few words. Read on:

Review of Trolley Crash - unusual music and movement - from NOW, Anat Ben-David, Rude Mechanicals, Keshco, Bleak House

"Electronic performance art and music."by Andy Becker for remotegoat on 11/08/08

Dry Bar is situated around the corner from Barbican tube station. As you walk down the stairs you enter a snug basement bar split into two sections. Upon arrival we're greeted with a selection of classic childhood confectioneries; Chewitts, drumstick lollys and Refreshers, certainly a good start to the evening.

I make my way through the bar where I'm confronted by three chaps making rather strange and ambient noises .. Bleak House. These experimental meanderings utilizing old synthesizers, guitars and keytars are (to me) quite bemusing at first. A guy resembling the love-child of Mark Bolan & Art Garfunkel sits crossed legged on the floor strumming chords through a digital effects processor set to a back drop of ever-changing but mundane photography. I spend a good fifteen minutes trying to figure out a possible dialogue then give up to get a drink. However just as I'm at the bar things take a turn for the better. A piece - which I can only presume is titled "Interesting Now" - consists of electronic organ accompanied by harmonica and percussion make for a strong instrumental track. Themes of travel and transport begin to emerge from the video backdrop accompanied by some rather funny improvised poetry about train journeys from the Keytar player who is now dressed up as a train ticket inspector. He stands and shouts at us (in a Yorkshire drawl) that he will take all of our money and bugger of to the Bahamas with it. Great.

Next up was the main attraction of the night, Performance Atist/Performer/Musician /Producer Anat Ben-David. Born in Jerusalem and based in London, Ben-David made a name for herself with her pioneering art-house electro band Chicks on Speed. Tonight she's promoting her first solo album "Virtual Leisure" released on the Chicks on Speed Label. Ben-Davids set begins with an electro cover of "Fools Gold" by the Stone Roses. This provides the background music to a collection of her video pieces. For her first number she launches into "Poor R Fat". Ben-David has a piercing stage presence (imagine Enya after a 3 year heroin binge in Berlin and you might be somewhere close). Operatic vocals, 8-bit synthesizers and bombastic electronic drum rolls rattle the audiences eardrums. These elements combine with striking synchronized video footage (see her myspace) to create an intense, futuristic and romantic atmosphere that could easily be an excerpt from the climax of a David Lynch film. Halfway through the set we're treated to a fully nude Ben-David projected onto the video back drop singing directly into the camera at the audience. This image is accompanied by the real life duplicate in a red silk robe. I'm interested by Ben-Davids expressions; she watches the audience lear as her naked image serenades them. All eyes in the room have naturally shifted to the nude footage on the screen and as Ben David scans the faces of the audience for signs of reaction, she's successfully managed to reverse the roles of performer and audience member.

Next were Rude Mechanicals, a prime example of when a group of extremely talented musicians get together and manage to play all the wrong notes together at the same time. A transvestite singer who resembles the dragged up corpse of Nancy from the play Oliver, a multi-talented Oboe player dressed in silver hot pants and an electric blue wig plus three ordinary blokes that look like they should be playing in a Dire Straits covers band. If Anat Ben-David was the siren at the end of a Lynch film then Rude Mechanicals resembled the Cantina band from Star Wars. The mixture of New Romantic Cabaret-Jazz (combined with my four bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale) was quickly sending me into slumber mode until I was rudely awakened by some of the highest operatic shrieking i've ever heard ... glass shatteringly high! Yes it was the blue haired, silver thonged oboe player! Technically impressive as it was these high frequencies gave me (and probably a few other members of the audience) a bit of a headache. This was my cue to leave.

Overall I had a very entertaining night at the Dry Bar. There were free sweets, great music, performance art and ... well not so great music. Unfortunately I missed the headline act and promoters Kescho (so sorry guys). However for their first night as promoters and performers I think they did a great job. And if they keep on booking acts with the same quality as Anat Ben-David then they're onto a winner in this comfy dingy nightspot.


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