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Monday, March 08, 2004

Talking to the hand?...oh, just shut up 

Just read this on

'JAMELIA has branded chart rival PETER ANDRE's hit "rubbish" after he beat her to Number One.

The rising UK R&B star launched the attack after a re-release of his 1996 hit 'Mysterious Girl' beat 'Thank You' to Number One off the back of his recent reality TV antics.

Furious Jamelia told MTV: "Everyone knows that it's rubbish, everyone knew it was rubbish ten years ago, and it's still rubbish today. The real music heads will know that I am the rightful owner of the Number One spot.

"He deserves it because you know he'll never get another Number One, so let him have his cake. I think he's the new Justin Timberlake, I seriously do - in Croatia."'

I'm not sure why but this story got me really quite annoyed. Now i'm not Peter Andre's biggest fan or anything, but c'mon Jamelia where is your sense of humour? Mysterious Girl is a classic piece of's all summery and I applaud the fact that they haven't tried to update the video...Oh, Boo-hoo-hoo it's rubbish is it? should be number one should you? Oh, grow up. I'm quite intrigued to find out who Jameila thinks the 'real music heads' are....what's that, you mean the idiots who signed you thinking you were bound to reach number one what will all the shite that infests today's charts....ah, has all gone a bit wrong hasn't how about them apple-cakes?..errr..well, yes.

And what's this about slagging off Croatians' music taste....according to Mel & Luke's Eurovision Song Contest 2003 review Croatia did really quite well:
Croatia - I'm No Longer Yours
An upbeat europop tune with some risque ladies whose tops came off (thereby revealing their spangly bras). The highlight of the performance was the Asda-esque dance routine in which they all spanked their back pockets...

...I rest my case!


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